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Worst Martian Playlist

Miranda Oceveda and Caleb Wexler are the sole survivors of a Mars mission gone wrong. In the caverns and tunnels of the new Tenacity base—still scheduled to have over a thousand residents by 2110—they still do their work diligently, but they are plagued by their losses.
When NASA uploads an AI assistant to the Tenacity system, they both welcome it. Sure, it’s a little pushy with its recommender engine (it was originally a proprietary personality for Amazon), but it’s handy and comes with tons of media.
But when Miranda begins to be reckless with her safety…
When Caleb begins to lie about his tasks…
They both have to grapple with what Ero has become to them. Because Mars is waiting to kill anyone who slips.

The Alien Cadet Series
A mix of adventure, romance, and galactic mystery.



After aliens took control of Earth, Sam Locklear was conscripted into their child training program. He became one of the their favorite cadets through his charisma and hard work, and now that he’s grown they’re sending him back to Earth to work in their Los Angeles headquarters.

Sam hopes to find a compromise between doing his job and his loyalty to Earth, but his homecoming speech sets off a string of violence from both humans and aliens. First there’s a hate message scrawled in blood, then a drive-by attack, and a riot that ends in fire…

From the slums of Los Angeles to a treacherous space station, Sam’s increasing fame brings increasing danger. He may be able to change the balance of power, but can he survive the aftermath?



Sixteen-year old Akemi has escaped death in such an unorthodox fashion that even her sister fears for her sanity. Akemi is now part of an alien computer system, installed in a space station orbiting Earth. The position is both uniquely powerful and uniquely isolated.

When the space station explodes in the night sky, sabotaged by unknown enemies, Akemi survives yet again, but this time suspicion for the catastrophe falls upon her. Determined to discover who is truly responsible for the attack, Akemi and her sister set out to solve the mystery on a foreign world far from Earth.

Accompanied by capable Sam and irrepressible assassin Shara, they find themselves drawn into a political game with one of the most powerful aliens in the galaxy. Akemi and her friends must uncover the truth about the sabotage, but in the process they may expose Akemi’s fragile existence to greedy, alien hands…



In the thrilling conclusion to the Alien Cadet series, the girl-turned-computer Akemi is trapped at the secure planetary estate of Faal, a sociopathic, alien overlord. He is preoccupied with his plan to implement a genocide, but he still finds time to torment Akemi.

Akemi’s sister, Nat, along with Claire, Basher, and Sam, are each determined to rescue Akemi, and if possible, to halt the extermination. But to defeat Faal, they must find allies among his other enemies, who are at least as dangerous as he is. While Sam and Nat lure Faal to an ancient palace, Basher and Claire plan to infiltrate his estate to retrieve Akemi.

But there are few game players as accomplished as Faal. To win against him, sacrifices must be made.


Evaluate: A Prequel Story to the Alien Cadets

In a galactic economy where culture is a valuable commodity, the sponsorship of a new species can mean huge profits…potentially.

But Eto is torn over his evaluation on Earth. His task should be simple: Prove the humans have an adequate survival drive, both individually and corporately, to join the Galactic Council and make money for his people.

It would be easier to prove if they would stop killing themselves in droves. The humans will be labeled ‘malignant,’ if they don’t. No rights. No cultural franchise. Open to plunder, slavery, eventual eradication.

Eto doesn’t love the humans, but there are a few he would like to respect. They are brave, at least. Whatever he recommends, he’ll have to live with the repercussions for the rest of his life…