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Instafreebie promotion!


There’s a great little site called Instafreebie where you can try out new authors for free. It’s similar to finding free ebooks on Amazon, but it’s more helpful to the author, besides offering Nook, Kobo, etc. I’m part of a big science fiction and fantasy promotion where you can pick just one book or all of them! I submitted a new Christmas fantasy romance called That Christmas You Remember. Enjoy!

Mash Story short list!

I dabbled in flash fiction last month and submitted a piece to Mash Stories ( Much to my surprise, I was recently contacted by the editor to let me know my story made it to their short list and is in the competition for their quarterly prize! Fun! Here’s the link and if you feel like voting for it, that’d be awesome too! (Everything has votes now, right?)

Also, as a teaser, it began as a chapter in my modern re-telling of Jane Eyre which should be coming out this fall!

Short story publication!

I got my first ‘real’ short story publication! It’s in Every Day Fiction, a once-a-day ezine type publication that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately.

I got paid three dollars for it (and opted to give that back to EveryDayFiction), but by golly I’m excited! However, and I feel real dumb about this – I missed it! Apparently it got published a few days after Christmas and I didn’t realize until nearly three weeks later. Then, I went over and looked at it, and more than a few of the comments were negative – apparently the ending of my short story didn’t make a lot of sense to my readers. 🙂

But you know, that’s okay. Getting real criticism is the only way to get better. (Cliche, but true.)

So: Hurray! Sort of. (I’m only human, after all!)

ETHICS ALONE • by Corrie Garrett