Corrie Garrett


I’m Corrie Garrett, indie author from West Virginia in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. This is the place to find out more about me and my books.

I’ve got two freebies down below!

Since I write in very different genres, I have a romance and a sci-fi novella for you as a reward for signing up for a mailing list. Don’t be intimidated by the choice, pick up one or both today!

Romance Readerslast-hour-for-love-persuasion-time-loop-cover

Click here to receive a free digital copy of Last Hour for Love! Distributed for free through Bookfunnel.

Anne Elliot is trapped in the seaside town of Lyme, trapped in a single repeated day where she has to watch her one true love fall for another. And if she’s not watching Captain Wentworth flirt with Louisa, she’s trying to save Louisa from a terrible fall, but no matter what Anne does, tragedy strikes.

Inspired by Groundhog Day, 12 Dates of Christmas, and other time loop romances.

small-worst-martian-coverScience Fiction Readers

Click here to receive a free copy of Worst Martian Playlist. Distributed for free through Bookfunnel.

Miranda Oceveda and Caleb Wexler are the sole survivors of the second Mars manned mission. When NASA uploads an AI assistant to the Tenacity system, they both welcome it. Sure, it’s a little pushy with its recommender engine (it was originally a proprietary personality for Amazon), but it’s handy, comes with tons of media, and supposedly has a good psychiatric therapy function.

But soon it’s recommendations are giving them both concerns.

“No one should die in silence. May I suggest a playlist?”