I’m Corrie Garrett, indie author of the Austen Ensemble trilogy, the Alien Cadet series, and other novels. Thanks for visiting! This is the place to learn more about me and my books and future projects. I write both romance and science fiction, so there’s a little for everyone. And before you go, don’t forget to sign up for one of my mailing lists so you’ll be notified when my next book is published!

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    1. corriegarrett Post author

      That’s fantastic, Larry! Thank you. I just checked and saw that you also signed up for the mailing list, which is perfect, so I can put you on my short list of advanced reviewers. The sequel to Manipulate will be coming out later this summer, and I will definitely check with you when the time comes. Do you read a lot of science fiction?
      Thanks again.

  1. Thomas Altum

    Hi Corrie! I’d also be interested in helping out as an advanced reviewer. I’ve been reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy books since I was a very young lad in grade school, scouring the libraries and flea markets for anything I hadn’t read yet. I enjoyed Manipulate and look forward to Captivate. Please let me know if I can help. Regards, Tom

  2. Jack powell

    As a writer, almost 60 year reader, proofreader and free lance editor, I would love to be on your advance team. If you want references, I can give you names of a couple of independent writers that I read for, and only charge the ability of a “first read”.

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      That’s fantastic, thank you so much! I don’t need references, I just like to know that my advanced readers do sometimes read in the genre. (To hopefully avoid failed expectations!) Anyway, I so much appreciate your offer and I will definitely check your availability/interest in a couple months when the sequel to Manipulate is at the ARC stage. Thanks again!

  3. Poseyanne

    Hello Corrie……loved Manipulate! I am retired, a constant traveler and an avaricious reader. Access to the internet has allowed me to never be away from a good book! I downloaded Manipulate after seeing it on Freebooksy. I love sci-fi and reread all the old greats rarely finding new material that I like. I was pleasantly surprised with your offering. I found everything I love……lots of aliens, a hero….good guys winning….woot! A great YA book, and a great book for all ages….i look forward to reading Captivate!

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to find me and let me know! I enjoy a lot of classic sci-fi also, particularly (like you said) ones with good guys winning! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again for your encouragement, and I hope you enjoy Captivate as well.

      New material can be hard to find…And you’ve probably read them already, but just in case, I highly recommend the Liaden series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. My world is very different than theirs, but I aspire to write the way they do! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks again for reading Manipulate and letting me know. I really appreciate it.

  4. Cameron Williams

    Hi I was wondering if there was going to be a sequel to the Aspen Experiments and if so could you give an estimate as to when it would be published

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      Hi Cameron! Sorry I didn’t see this right away – it’s been a busy summer with a lot of traveling. Thank you for asking about the sequel to Aspen Experiments! I must admit that I got excited and wrote the first chapter of that before realistically assessing my writing schedule. Once I did, I realized that I needed to focus my immediate efforts on finishing the Alien Cadet trilogy. Beyond that, I’m a bit torn (for various reasons) on what project to work on next, but I’m afraid, for various reasons, that the Aspen sequel might not be at the top of the list, so I’m afraid I can’t give you an estimate. Thanks again for asking, and I do apologize about that.

      1. Cameron Williams

        Thank you for replying to my question. Even if you won’t be writing it soon I’m still happy that you might eventually. I also can’t wait for your third alien cadet book I loved the first two. Thanks again!

      2. corriegarrett Post author

        Of course! Thanks for being so understanding about my uncertain schedule. I can at least confirm that the third Alien Cadet novel is completely written and only in need of a continuity review and some polish! ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Cameron Williams

        Hello I have read your two books manipulate and captivate on wattpad and I love them and today I got the notification that you had updated captivate and that now part of it is slightly different than before. I was wondering if the one you actually published had any major differences from the version on wattpad and also if there is or could possibly in the future be a copy in paperback or hardcover.

      4. corriegarrett Post author

        Good question! The one on Wattpad (that I re-uploaded today) is pretty much the same as the one that will be published on Amazon next week. It will definitely be available in paperback as soon as I approve the proof copy, which will be by the end of October. I’ll announce the paperback availability on Wattpad, but in case you miss it, I hope you’ll come back and look for it in a few weeks! Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Marten Ekema

    Hello Corrie,
    I have to admit that I found Manipulate by accident while looking for other books. Its a great read and I look forward to Captivate. If you would like another advance reader, but from the UK, then I would be willing to help. I have been reading Science fiction since I was about ten. One of the first books I read was Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts which was first published the year I was born 1954. I am unable to work, due to an injury from my time in the army, so I have plenty of time to read.
    Keep them coming,

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      Hi Marten, Thanks so much for letting me know that you stumbled onto Manipulate! It actually really thrills me when I hear that somebody found it by accident, as that means my book is working its way into the right categories on Amazon for people like you. I’ve never read Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts, so I’ll have to look that up! One of my first favorites was The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, which I think was published around then too. The ’50s were such a great era for science fiction. Anyway, thank you so much for letting me know of your interest! When I’ve got Captivate ready I’ll definitely add you to my email list of advance readers! Probably I’ll only be able to offer an ebook copy (instead of a paperback), but if you’re still interested, that’d be great. Thanks again, hope you have a good week.

      1. Marten Ekema

        Hi Corrie,
        An ebook format was what I was hoping for. As I sometimes spend a lot of time in bed (because of pain) an ebook is much easier to handle. Yes fifties was a great time for SciFi as Humanity still dreamed of just getting into space. Unlike now that we have taken the first steps and are actually planning a trip to Mars to stay there. I wish I was 30-40yrs younger and had a chance of going. I think that Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series from 1917 got many a youngster dreaming, it certainly did me.

      2. corriegarrett Post author

        That’s great then, Marten, I can definitely get you an ebook. Thanks for signing up for my newsletter as well, that’s helpful as it’s the best way to store email addresses for future advanced readers.
        I agree about the Barsoom series, though I’m ashamed to admit I’d never heard of it until the recent John Carter movie. But since then I’ve been enjoying them a lot! Space travel is pretty incredible – my nephew just visited me here in Los Angeles and he was very excited to see the space shuttle Endeavor at the science center. I feel a little guilty that we got the shuttle instead of the Houston NASA museum (that’s a bit of a sore point between Texans and Californians!), but it is inspiring to see.

  6. Michelle

    I Just finished reading The Aspen Experiments. Really enjoyed it. Are you going to write a second one? I’d love to see how they work on their relationship with them being in two different times.

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoyed Aspen Experiments! As far as a sequel – I do have a story in mind for the next one, but I’m not sure when it’ll actually get written. Originally it was going to be a stand-alone novel, but I realized, like you, that Dara and John’s relationship was really just starting! I’m hoping to get to write the sequel in the spring of 2015 and release it sometime in the fall, but I realize that’s a long wait. I’m not sure if you signed up for my newsletter or not, but if you do, you’ll be sure to get word when the sequel is ready! Thanks again,

  7. Cameron Williams

    Hi I was wondering if your versions of Manipulate and Captivate on wattpad are the same as what was published

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      Well, they are similar, of course, but I use wattpad as my ‘rough draft’ territory – to get feedback, experiment with characters, etc. The ones I publish have been more extensively edited, polished, etc. If I left any major inconsistencies on wattpad, I’ve tried to fix that, but otherwise I leave them as is. The exception is Captivate – I did almost a complete rewrite on that one, so I uploaded a version to wattpad that was closer to the published one. Thanks for asking!

      1. Cameron Williams

        Sure! I was also wondering when Captivate and Eradicate would come out in paperback or hardcover

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      Hi, thanks for asking! At this time, I don’t have further Cadet novels in mind, though I’ve written so much with those characters that I do find myself daydreaming what happens next… ๐Ÿ™‚ The only other story in that universe is a short prequel that is mostly written and is from Greg’s perspective (Sam and Nat’s mentor). It deals with the immediate aftermath of the Hadron explosion and the alien arrival… I’m planning to polish that up and publish it as a freebie to introduce people to the world. If you’d like to be notified when that happens, you can sign up for my New Release newsletter! Thanks again – C.

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