Romance Books

From Highbury with Love, Book 1 of the Highbury Variation

A retelling of Pride and Prejudice and Emma, bringing some of your favorite couples together in unexpected ways!
When Lizzy Bennet spends a winter visit in Highbury with her father’s cousins, she becomes friends with the young lady of Hartfield, Emma Woodhouse. At least, everyone assumes they will be friends, but soon Lizzy is as invested in Harriet Smith’s sweet romance as Emma is opposed to it, and neither of these spirited heroines will back down easily! And when Darcy visits his friend George Knightley, it’s a complete carousel of mistaken affections and awkward confrontations.

From London with Loyalty, Book 2 of the Highbury Variation

Elizabeth Bennet and Jane Fairfax are on their way to London, both resigned to a future quite different than the dreams of marriage they’d indulged only a few months ago… but London has a way of upsetting expectations.

Elizabeth’s aunt Gardiner is everything helpful, but she can’t protect her niece from the gossip that follows her from Highbury. Elizabeth’s quickly ended engagement to Mr. Knightley, as well as her sister’s engagement to Mr. Bingley, has people throwing around words like fortune-hunters and hussies. Will Mr. Darcy be deterred by the resistance of society and his family?

Meanwhile Jane Fairfax’s position as a governess is threatened by the unwanted attention of several gentlemen. But is Mr. Tom Bertram of Mansfield actually offering insult or… something more? How could she possibly trust this rakish friend of Mr. Churchill’s?

Lively companion cover smallA Lively Companion, Book 1 of An Austen Ensemble

A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Lizzy Bennet is more insulted than flattered when Lady Catherine asks her to be a temporary companion to Miss de Bourgh. Yes, a visit to Tunbridge Wells would be an interesting diversion, but at what cost?

When her father unexpectedly supports the plan, Lizzy reluctantly submits. Thus begins a springtime trip of misunderstandings, revelations, and unexpected proposals.

When Mr. Darcy realizes Lizzy is not going home as planned, he feels foolish for nearly proposing due to an arbitrary deadline. Determined to make up his mind one way or another, he accompanies the party to the Wells.

True LIkness cover jpg largeA True Likeness, Book 2

Book 2 of An Austen Ensemble

After Lizzy and Darcy’s unexpected engagement, Lady Catherine is both furious and inconvenienced. As a peace offering, Darcy asks Georgiana to stay with her and Anne for several weeks.

It is not an easy task, especially since Lady Catherine is soothing her wounded pride by arranging a match for Georgiana with an aristocratic neighbor. Worse, Georgiana finds herself far too attracted to Mr. John Turner, the painter staying at Rosings while he finishes a portrait of Anne.

Meanwhile, Wickham is securing his future with another underhanded stratagem, and Lydia is planning a surprise for her sister’s wedding day. Join Lizzy, Darcy, and Georgiana as they navigate the dangerous waters of identity, family, and compromise.

A Gentle Touch 5.25 x 8.25A Gentle Touch, Book 3

Anne de Bourgh is now Anne Sutherland, wife and mistress of Middlefinch, a large estate in the south of England.

She is satisfied with her choice, but finds living with her new husband,  son, and family more alarming than she expected. James’s daft old uncle leads his own strange life on the third floor, emerging only to ask disconcerting questions. James’s mother cares only for horses, and seems to disdain sickly, quiet Anne.

And then there is her new husband himself, so informal and affectionate—not at all what Anne expected! Anne has learned friendship; can she learn love?

Join Lizzy, Darcy, Georgiana, and Anne as they enter their new lives, from christenings and Christmas parties to Anne’s first tempestuous season in London.

Pride and Prejudice and Passports

Final Cover2019

A Pride and Prejudice Modernization

During the tumultuous 2016 presidential election, three Latina sisters navigate life and love in Southern California.

Elisa Benitez is happy to help her family clean cabins for the summer, but when her older sister falls hard for one of their rich guests, Elisa expects heartbreak. Her sister is a Dreamer, an undocumented immigrant, and this guy’s a state representative. Even worse is his infuriating friend Darcy! He’s arrogant, rude, and based on a comment Elisa overheard, probably racist. He’s one of those guys who get by on money and looks, and she wouldn’t mind poking a hole in his self-image.

Darcy certainly didn’t intend to fall for a smart, beautiful Latina on his short vacation to the mountains. Elisa would sooner turn off his hot-water heater than agree with him about anything. Why is debating with her more fun than agreeing with anyone else? But when Elisa’s little sister runs away, and her parents are scared to go to the police, Darcy realizes just how serious she was. And how serious his own feelings have become.

Cover of The Rise and Fall of Jane, paper cut out with birds The Rise and Fall of Jane

A Modern (Paranormal) Retelling of Jane Eyre

Jane Agosto wants to leave her lonely, dysfunctional past behind when she gets a job as a nanny at Miles Hayes’s mansion. It only takes a few encounters with Miles for her to feel drawn to him, but Jane refuses to be THAT nanny, the stupid one who falls for her boss. She’s no Cinderella. She won’t break her heart on a wealthy player, or raise the hopes of the little girl she cares for. But when attempted murder shakes up the family, Jane’s heart falters. Should she trust Miles, or hit the road?

Aspen2017 FLATThe Aspen Experiments

A Young Adult Paranormal Romance

When fifteen year old Dara is accepted into an elite boarding school, her first weeks are ruined by a strange illness… Throwing up in front of your crush? More than once? Emphatically not fun. As Dara gets to know her school and the school’s creepy doctor, she begins to realize that she wasn’t recruited for her grades, and her illness isn’t innocent.

John is only pretending to be a student, and he knows exactly why Dara is sick, but he can’t risk telling her. When someone is playing with time, altering anything can be disastrous, and John has a very specific mission. But when Dara’s life is at risk, they both must learn to navigate the intricacies of time… without destroying the school or losing each other for good.

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