About Corrie

Final Cropped UprightHi!

I live in southern California with my husband and two, three, now four kids! I’ve been writing since 2010, when I first discovered the awesome idea that is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and completed the November challenge with my older sister. I’m working on my seventh novel now and not looking back.

I grew up in Texas and went to a small engineering university in the Piney Woods before moving to the wilds of Los Angeles with my husband.

What am I passionate about?

– Reading and writing, obviously! I like space opera, romance, fantasy, Christian fiction, and almost all young adult fiction. I breathe stories. I’m a Christian, and I believe all good stories ultimately reveal truth. They may not say the name of God, but God is truth and all true things ultimately point to Him.

– Autism & Dyslexia. I homeschool my four kids (except for the Little Pumpkin, she’s only four), and I’ve learned a lot about these two to help my oldest son. Dyslexia is an incredibly common problem, but I knew next to nothing about it! That has sure changed. For those of you wondering–Orton-Gillingham is THE WAY and All About Reading is my best friend! 😉

– In-N-Out Burger – I’ve succumbed.

– Rubik’s cubes – I am spatially-hopeless (I still don’t know my left from my right without picturing an incident from my childhood that helps me lock it in), so Rubik’s cubes fascinate me. While I can’t think my way around them, I can memorize the algorithms and I get a little obsessive about it! (And yes, my son probably gets a little of his dyslexic tendencies from me!)

My favorite shows (currently): The Expanse, The Mandalorian, The Good Place, Bless This Mess

What am I working on next?
I’m finishing up my Austen Ensemble trilogy, and then hoping to move back to science fiction for a time. I kept trying to pick a genre, but finally decided that I can’t! I love both  historical/contemporary romance and science fiction. Now my goal is to learn to write/edit/publish on a more efficient timeline so that I can do both.

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “About Corrie

  1. Donna White

    Corrie!!! This is your Aunt Donna!!! Where do I start? I have to hurry and catch up. I had no idea you were so prolific and I want to jump right in even though I’m 10 years late! HELP!

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      Lol, hello Aunt Donna!! Thank you so much! What kind of books do you like to read? If you’ve ever been into Jane Austen and Pride & Prejudice- then you should start with A Lively Companion! (Actually my mom has these, so if you ever see her you could ask to borrow them!) Or if you have ever gotten into science fiction, you might like my Alien Cadet stories. The Rise and Fall of Jane is a romance that’s a little supernatural and weird, but has the most Christian themes… Either way, thanks so much for coming to check out my books and website!


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