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My First Bookbub Feature…and #3 on Amazon!

I was very excited to get a feature with Bookbub for January! They are pretty selective and I have been applying off and on for about six years. I was shocked when I received their acceptance for A Lively Companion as applying had become a habit, not an expectation!

Generally I try not to obsess about Amazon or other rankings–readers make a career, not rank–but I am making an exception and doing a big happy dance today!

Thanks for all the reads, purchases, comments, and encouragement over the years!

Also #5 in Canada and #16 in the UK! (Canadian readers don’t intimidate me, but British ones do. <Corrie waves nervously, knowing she’s doing it wrong.>)

In other news, my Emma/Pride and Prejudice crossover is also up for pre-order and the wonderful lady who edits for me, Gabriella at, will be starting on it in March before it goes live in April.

G’night folks!


Good short stories

I don’t know exactly what makes me love a short story, but it has something to do with humor, surprise, and a “real” ending. I wish I could write them that way! Humor especially seems to escape me, and all too often my short stories turn into first chapters (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but sometimes they don’t have the ending feel that I want.

Anyway, that being said, I finally got to read the stories in 20,000 Leagues Remembered! And just in time for the Facebook launch party for the paperback.

There’s too many to write about every one, but here are my favorites, in no particular order:

At Strange Depths by Jason J. McCuiston – so clearly written, forgot I was reading. An eerie extension of the book just after Professor Arronax escapes.

The Maelstrom by Maya Chhabra – fantastic character study, dark and moody and richly textured. It braids Nemo’s former life with the present and has a satisfying end emotionally, possibly the best of the bunch for me!

The Silent Agenda by Mike Adamson – ha! A curiously engrossing fireside chat between a publisher and a translator as they plan to edit Verne’s work to oblivion. Great dialogue, makes a writer and book lover and historian just cringe! In a good way.

Fools Rush In by Allison Tebo – Cracked me up. The would-be thieves have great chemistry as a group. I wanted more! Juliette with her single-minded balloonist goals, Lopez depressed and fatalistic, Casper making glorious speeches at inopportune moments… probably the funniest of the lot.

Homework Help From No One by Demetri Capetanopoulos – Okay, wait, maybe this was the best of the bunch for me! I really tasted the ingenuity, danger, and wonder of the original with this one, and a great ending!

I enjoyed others as well, Raise the Nautilus by Eric Choi is great, particularly for hard sci-fi readers, Leviathan by Michael Winkle went all in from a sperm whale (cachalot’s) perspective which was super creative…

Short story appreciation is definitely a matter of personal preference, but it seems like there’s something here for most to enjoy.


Corrie Garrett

A Gentle Touch, A Novel of Anne de Bourgh


A Gentle Touch 5.25 x 8.25Hurray! A Gentle Touch, the third book in my series, is published!

This whole series was great fun, but it was my first foray into Regency fiction and for a lover of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, that was intimidating! The process of writing this last one was particularly interesting, landing squarely in the COVID-19 lockdowns.

If you happen to read this while the whole world is still holding its breath over this pandemic—well, hang in there. (Also, I have more books, hint, hint. There are several modern retellings and some sci-fi as well, if you need to really remove your mind from current affairs and coronavirus.) If you’re reading this after the pandemic, well, praise the Lord it’s over!

As an introvert, the isolation isn’t getting to me yet (plus I have four kids, that helps), but I have noticed that this story has more multi-character conversations than usual! Often I try to limit dialogue to two or three people, for the sake of clarity, but in this story, I just couldn’t do it. I would say to myself, “Alright, it’s just Anne and James bonding… but Barney’s there! And Martha! Probably the housekeeper! Everybody’s there.



Maybe I need to step outside.

Thanks again for reading,


A new trilogy

BookBrushImage-2020-0-1-14-531.pngIt’s the first day of 2020! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a new decade on a number of levels.

And… I’m thrilled to have the first two books of An Austen Ensemble available in paperback and ebook! The third will go live April 30, 2020, but is available for pre-order now.  If you enjoy historical romance or Jane Austen, I know you’ll enjoy them.

This is my first foray into historical fiction, and I have even MORE respect for historical writers now. I thought, based on my obsessive reading of all things Austen, Bronte, and Heyer, that I would have a pretty good feel for the historical details needed. I was… wrong. So wrong. Hours of googling and research and staring at images on Wikimedia Commons wrong. Would Netherfield have a hallway? Would Anne use a vinaigrette in a carriage? What kind of carriage is it anyway?? On and on.

What does Tunbridge Wells look like? Would the de Bourgh’s private parlor in a hotel be near their rooms? What and why is a taproom? Why are miniatures only water-color? <muffled screaming>

I could go on and on, but that is all to say: I have whiter hair coming out of this than I had going in! I think when I have finished the last of A Gentle Touch (Book 3) I am going to detox with a space opera. I want to MAKE STUFF UP again… 🙂

Blessings in the new year to all of you!



Pride and Prejudice and Passports News

My first press release! I’m trying different marketing approaches with this book. I’ve been getting my feet wet with marketplace ads, NetGalley, and… well, press.

Click below to see the full article!

Pride and Prejudice for the Trump Era

Pride and Prejudice and Passports

Final Cover2019

It’s finally out there! My Pride and Prejudice retelling is complete and available in ebook or paperback on

Phew, it always takes me a couple months to come off the high of finishing something. In the meantime, here is the description:

During the tumultuous 2016 presidential election, three Latina sisters navigate life and love in Southern California.

Elisa Benitez is happy to help her family clean cabins for the summer, but when her older sister falls hard for one of their rich guests, Elisa expects heartbreak. Her sister is a Dreamer, an undocumented immigrant, and he’s an elected state representative.

Even worse is his infuriating friend Darcy! He’s arrogant, rude, and based on a comment Elisa overheard, probably racist. He’s one of those guys who get by on money and looks, and she wouldn’t mind poking a hole in his self-image.

Darcy certainly didn’t intend to fall for a beautiful, well-spoken Latina on his short vacation to the mountains. Elisa would sooner turn off his hot-water heater than agree with him about anything. Why is debating with her more fun than agreeing with anyone else?

But when Elisa’s little sister runs away, and her parents are scared to go to the police, Darcy realizes just how serious she was. And how serious his own feelings have become.

Pride and Prejudice and Passports is a modern variation on Pride and Prejudice with heart and humor, a wholesome romance that brings Darcy and Elizabeth to life all over again.

Pride and Prejudice and Politics

My next novel is coming soon! My goal is October of 2018, but I’m still learning my way through efficient indie-publishing, so I’m holding that lightly.

What is it about? Well, for those of you who haven’t heard me moaning and hand-wringing my way through this, it is a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice! Unlike my Jane Eyre retelling, this one is straight-up contemporary–no paranormal or alien characters in sight. It’s the very first time I’ve written something like this, so it was definitely a challenge!

Working description: 

In the summer of 2016, in drought-ridden Southern California, Elena Benitez heads home to help her parents handle cabin rentals while her dad recuperates.

When one of the elite guests falls hard for her older sister, Elena is uneasy. Charles seems like a great guy – despite being a Republican state representative – but he’ll never be interested in Elena’s sister when he realizes she’s an undocumented immigrant, a ‘dreamer’ brought to the US as a child by her own undocumented parents.

Elena can’t wait until Charles is gone, along with his opinionated and arrogant friend Darcy. And if Elena’s sisters are right that Darcy is hitting on her, well, that just makes it worse.

In a national election season of unfettered passion and prejudice, Elena has nothing to guide her but her instincts, and she’d sooner believe Trump could win than she could ever fall in love with a man like Darcy.


I always mess around with covers for a new book, trying to decide what I want to emphasize. Here are some of my mock-ups. Feel free to let me know what you do or don’t like! img_2744.jpg

Kindle Scout Results

Rise and Fall-ThumbnailUnfortunately my book was not selected for the Kindle Scout program, so you will be getting a notification of that! It’s always a let down to get rejected, but this was still a great experience. My book was short-listed and so I received very helpful feedback from one of Amazon’s editors. They read my whole book and advised me on market expectations, endings, dialogue, and all kinds of things. Thanks so much for helping me get to that level! I will be utilizing the feedback (at least some of it!), and then indie-publishing the novel through Amazon. I will make sure to announce when it is available! (Probably mid-December). Thanks again everybody!

If you’d like to be notified when it is available and/or has a free promotion day, sign up here!

Sisters are the best

Bahaha! My older sister and I have a great relationship, but recently I felt like I needed to apologize to her about something. We’re all good now, but we’d been talking a ton about book covers and titles (she was helping my brainstorm for my Jane Eyre retelling), so she sent me this. I love my sisters!stabbed book cover

Elephant in the Room

coverA good friend of mine has her debut novel release today! Elephant in the Room is being published by Dove Christian Publishers. I had the privilege of reading an early copy (after Kristen and I did Nanowrimo together!) and it tackles a really interesting topic.

In the US, our whole society is dealing with the difficulties of obesity and ill-health, but for the Christian there is another dimension. The Bible names the sin of gluttony right along with drunkenness and greed, and this novel gracefully tackles the gluttony issue. Ill-health is not a sin, nor is being over-weight, but our heart attitudes and actions towards food (and other consumption) can be.

With kindness and compassion, this Christian fiction novel follows a pastor and his family as they confront this elephant in the room. Check it out!

I want to learn more about Kristen and the book!

I want to order straight from Dove!