Summer Anthologies

Dean Wesley Smith calls summer ‘the time of great forgetting’ because it is so easy to get busy around the end of April and forget all about our New Years goals until September! (In my case, this goal is writing.) In an effort to stave off the forgetting, I decided to submit new short stories to a couple anthologies this summer.

I just found out that my short story, The Grape Thieves, was accepted. Woohoo! I am excited to work with Alasdair Shaw (author of the Two Democracies series) and the other nine authors who contributed to the anthology. It will be titled The Officer, and include eleven stories between 3-7k words. Similar to The Newcomer. Perfect for your lunch break or just as a compact evening read.

Looking forward to it.

Do you have any plans to avoid the time of great forgetting and make the most of your summer?


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