The Officer – coming June 28

Summer is here! Do you have a good book to read?

Well, I’ve got one for you! The Officer is almost here. Eleven science fiction stories examining the duties, challenges, and downright chaos of authority in strange places. It’s available for pre-order now, and drops on June 28.

From the back cover:

“Being an officer means balancing many conflicting demands. Making the wrong decision can have serious consequences. It takes a special kind of person to cope with the responsibility.

The stories are:

Duty by Alasdair Shaw
Patchworker 2.0 by M Pax
Totaled by Benjamin Douglas
Lucky Star by A R Knight
There Comes a Time by J J Green
Red Fortitude by Eddie R Hicks
Pithos by Mark Gardner
A Step on the Path by Tom Germann
Rituals by Rick Partlow
First Generation by Adrien Walker
The Grape Thieves by Corrie Garrett ** That’s me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Officer – coming June 28

  1. Jas P

    Hi Corrie,
    Just finished your short, ‘The Grape Thieves’ in ‘The Officer’, and just wanted to let you know I thought it was brilliant. I loved the concept of the story and the main character Irina. It was both captivating and clever in how it played out.
    Can I ask, will this lead to a novel related to this story as I would love to read more about the Aegea and her crew, especially Irina and the Police.
    Thanks for the wonderful story, really appreciate your time and effort, I have signed up to your mailing list 🙂

    1. corriegarrett Post author

      Hello Jas! Thanks so much for asking. I have started a series in the Diadem ship world, and I’m hoping to put the first out this fall. I meant to have it ready to go in conjunction with this collection, but it didn’t quite happen! I am so thrilled to hear that Irina connected with you, and that you were interested in the Aegea! I do have more stories with Irina in mind, though she is actually only a smaller character in the main series. Maybe i’ll have to think about increasing her profile – I did get attached while writing The Grape Thieves.
      I will definitely be emailing to let you and everybody know when the first book is available.
      Thank you so much, I hope you have a great week,


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