Elephant in the Room

coverA good friend of mine has her debut novel release today! Elephant in the Room is being published by Dove Christian Publishers. I had the privilege of reading an early copy (after Kristen and I did Nanowrimo together!) and it tackles a really interesting topic.

In the US, our whole society is dealing with the difficulties of obesity and ill-health, but for the Christian there is another dimension. The Bible names the sin of gluttony right along with drunkenness and greed, and this novel gracefully tackles the gluttony issue. Ill-health is not a sin, nor is being over-weight, but our heart attitudes and actions towards food (and other consumption) can be.

With kindness and compassion, this Christian fiction novel follows a pastor and his family as they confront this elephant in the room. Check it out!

I want to learn more about Kristen and the book!

I want to order straight from Dove!


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